Author: Leighton Marjoram

LHP Regions

With all the changes to the grid I thought an update on regions might be in order. The following regions currently make up the Lighthouse Point (LHP) grid; LHP Welcome HG @ HG The main welcome region and default hypergrid landing spot for the LHP Grid LHP Basic HG @ Basic A region designe...

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LHP Grid Update - 2017

With the holidays and new year retreating from view my focus returns to Lighthouse Point. The focus of my first blog post of 2017 is an update about a few changes that have occured. Two things have changed (1) a new teleport board and the addition of one new region Starforge Lodge. If you want to find posts specifically about LHP I post them all under the tag Lighthou...

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LHP Christmas region is online

"There is nothing in the world so irresistably contagious as laughter and good humor" ~ Charles Dickens In a world throwing itself to the wolves an early christmas celebration feels appropriate and a good tonic to go with the gin straight out the bottle. It is with great meriment and festive announcement that Lighthouse Point has its first christmas themed region o...

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Hypergrid Safari visit 16-11-2016

Welcome to Lighthouse Point (LHP) Grid it is a pleasure to be your host for the first hour of this weeks (16-11-16) Hypergrid Safari excursion. For my show and tell I will be showing two of the educationally focused regions on LHP. The first [LHP VW Basics] is a virtual worlds basics training and the second [LHP Awareness] is a project that I completed as part of my...

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Four ways to explore the Opensim Metaverse using the Hypergrid

The main difficulty with networked and distributed spaces like Opensim is trying to find your way around the 300+ publicly available grids. Exploring and the hypergrid are the two main defining features of Opensim to me and finding my way around was essential. In this post I will show you four of the main ways that help making exploring via the hypergrid very easy. F...

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Lighthouse Point region overview video

Over the last few weeks I have been spending time on Lighthouse Point beta grid and getting things setup on the new server based here in Bristol, UK. With that move came many changes to the Lighthouse Point grid and many of the regions there have been moved over to the Beta grid. Lighthouse Point will still remain where it is but will be were I host my educational reg...

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