With the holidays and new year retreating from view my focus returns to Lighthouse Point. The focus of my first blog post of 2017 is an update about a few changes that have occured. Two things have changed (1) a new teleport board and the addition of one new region Starforge Lodge. If you want to find posts specifically about LHP I post them all under the tag Lighthouse Point and all the posts can be found here.

LHP New Teleporter

The Christmas region has been backed up and stored somewhere safe and Starforge has been divided into two new regions, Starforge and Starforge Lodge.

  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Starforge
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Starforge Lodge


Starforge was started about 6 months ago and I was aiming for a subterranean fantasy style feel with a village/castle above ground. Looking around last night I decided that the region was really two things. A residential/role play area (Starforge) and an Elven themed event region (Starforge Lodge). So I decided to split the two regions.

Starforge without underground level

Having raised the level of the ground the region is now a flat region with homes, social areas and two castles. I am still a little unsure what this space will become, however a residential or role play space is probably where this heading. Everything is a bit of a jumble at the moment but wont take long to move a few things around. I find this region really tranquil and peacful, a noce place to rest those weary virtual legs at the end of the day.

Starforge Lodge

This is the second half of the Starforge regions on Lighthouse Point and will be one of the event regions on LHP [the others are LHP City, Europa and the Birdcage. The birdcage was also built by Cataplexia Numbers].

The event space is the AMV Elven Fairytale Castle/ Exterior Lighting, TPs, Courtyard by Cataplexia Numbers . There is still allot of stuff to put out but I think it needs to be the focus of its own region. That is what I have done.

Here is the full list of regions on Lighthouse Point Grid at the time of writing:

  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:LHP HG [default grid region]
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:LHP VW Basics
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:LHP Awareness
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Birdcage
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Buglebourg [512 var region]
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:LHP City
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Europa
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:LHP Build
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:LHP Residential
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Starforge
  • grid.lighthousepoint.co.uk:8002:Starforge Lodge

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