Over the last few weeks I have been spending time on Lighthouse Point beta grid and getting things setup on the new server based here in Bristol, UK. With that move came many changes to the Lighthouse Point grid and many of the regions there have been moved over to the Beta grid. Lighthouse Point will still remain where it is but will be were I host my educational regions for the next stage of my studies.

On the video I mention making a new teleporter (TP) board texture, this is the second attempt at the grid TP board. To make the texture GIMP was used. Below is a slideshow of some the images I took whilst making the texture. I used Windows Movie maker and have included a picture of the project as I edited the video together. The first video was about ten minutes long and this was a little too long so a new video was made that is about six minutes long.


The main reason for this post is to show you around and where things are now and will be for some time (with regions being added to LHP beta as I go as my aim is after some load testing is to be completely self hosted). Instead of using just pictures I decided to spend the last few hours filming and making a new overview video (see below and the landing page for this site).