After a few months break away from major building works I finally purchased the objects to complete my role play region called "Starforge Lodge" on the Lighthouse Point grid.

HG - lodge

The region is for 18+ adults and you will need to be part of a group to access the objects on this region. The are public and private play spaces and a few freebies to help if you need accessories for your play time.

The objects are from the kitely market and they are very simple to use if you would like to get the set yourself visit Spax Orion on the Ozone region (OSGrid) where you can test the objects before buying and you can find links to the objects on the Kitely market (here).

I would say that the region is mainly aimed at Gay, Bi or queer men, however I am open to suggestions for making other inclusive spaces the problem is those spaces are unfamiliar to me.

I would also like to thank Bill from Opensim Life for my demon follower with HUD a wonderful companion for Starforge Lodge.